Friday, October 30, 2009

On WTF: Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987)

Finally, I meet a film I find truly disturbing. That it was filmed with a camcorder by the guy who made Black Devil Doll is icing on a peculiarly freakish cake. You can (and in this case really, really should) read all about it on WTF-Film.



Keith said...

The clown segment is truly the director's greatest moment. He's a living dead clown with a pitchfork AND a weird voice? Too much horroR!

Todd said...

I'll be honest. I'm a little afraid of this one. I mean, Black Devil Doll kind of kicked my ass, and, if I'm interpreting you correctly, you seem to be saying that this one makes it look relatively normal.

houseinrlyeh said...

Yeah, Black Devil seems to be the more normal of the pair.

There's good reason to be afraid of Quadead Zone. It feels as unhealthy as anything I've seen, and I usually really don't care for "unhealthy" as a descriptor.
I truly freaked out while watching this and needed an evening to calm down - and all that without more than Green Tea in my system.