Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 04:11 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:13 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:10 New blog po..
  • 07:33 Ah, so that's what Google Wave is.
  • 08:11 New blog post: On WTF: Blood Delirium (1988): This week on WTF-Film, I spend far too many words o..
  • 10:04 Dust mite allergies plus aching back. Now I remember why I hate re-jigging furniture so much. On the plus side: no more book towers!
  • 10:08 Sony is really unable to learn that new hardware sold for too high a price is doomed to failure. Impressive, in its way.
  • 10:45 What!?
  • 11:54 For some reason, the Machinarium demo is absurdly slow on my PC. Not that its that fast, mind you, but we're talkin g flash here.
  • 12:14 Oh, right, October, that means it's time for the IF Comp
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