Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 10:42 The release of Fatale snuck up on me, it seems
  • 11:16 Did my too small monetary contribution to the Shadow Unit cause
  • 11:17 (Excellent day for Europeans to pay things in Dollar, by the way)
  • 12:02 Yeah, the Bible has a well-known liberal bias
  • 12:03 Whom would we make fun of if it wasn't for US "conservative" nutjobs?
  • 12:06 Ah, chili! #yesthisisafoodtweetsowhat
  • 15:54 RT @neilhimself: I think Warner Bros Music get two more strikes and then lose internet privileges (fixed link).
  • 18:00 Ladies & Gentlemen, I present: the SF community (& recommend popcorn)
  • 19:50 RT @doctorow: #ralphlauren sent Boing Boing a legal threat. Our answer? Sue and be damned!
  • 10:10 New blog post: Freesia - Icy Tears (2007): Near future, alternative history Japan is an unpleasan..
  • 10:15 Sorry, but reviewing something like Fatale and ending with an out of ten mark is just wrong.
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