Friday, October 23, 2009

From Twitter 10-22-2009

  • New blog post: Khamosh (1985): A small film team under director Chandran (Sadavish Amrapurkar) ha..
  • RT: @MrJonty Fairly sure this is the end of games writing + indeed popular culture. Back to agrarian living tmrw
  • New blog post: From Twitter 10-21-2009: New blog post: From Twitter 10-20-2009: New blog post: Fr..
  • New blog post: In short: Invitation Only (2009): Wade (Bryan Chang) works as a chauffeur for unpl..
  • Microsoft serfs with a sense of humor?
  • New blog post: Brought to you by the people who made "Casting Call of Cthulhu" & "Elder Sign": Te..
  • Fauxrror 2: Laserdead - soundtrack to an imaginary but very possible film.
  • I welcome our new, be-tentacled overlords! I'm sure nobody's gonna be eaten. #mylasttweetonearth
  • So, the high concept for Doghouse was "a (mostly) unfunny Shaun of the Dead - but for assholes!"?

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