Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 05:13 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 07:09 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:51 New blog pos..
  • 09:58 Church bells hate atheist little me
  • 12:02 New blog post: Things I learned from "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus": "Megalodon" is prono..
  • 14:43 Watched the Criminal Minds season finale. Holy crap!
  • 14:47 Too bad that one can't have high hopes for the next season, what with half of the brilliant writing staff fired
  • 14:57 Internet in "there will be lots of talking in new Tarantino film" sensation.Gosh, am I surprised.
  • 14:58 Also totally surprising: the people who hate everything QT does still hate everything he does, but still watch it
  • 14:59 Personally, I like to spend my time with films I suspect I'll like or find interesting.Yes, I am old-fashioned that way.
  • 15:01 Oh, and, if you want me to play the grumpy old man at your party, you can rent me quite cheaply
  • 20:42 System Shock love is always right
  • 20:50 Viz starts an online Seinen(!) manga magazine
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