Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 07-27-2010: New blog post: In short: They Call Me Hallelujah (1971): aka Heads I Kill ...
  • New blog post: The Spirits of Jupiter (1985): Welcome to the end of the world! This time around, the planets of th...
  • What was the last thing Grant Morrison wrote that wasn't based solely on nostalgia? WE3?
  • What would we do without illustrations like these?
  • Is Mark Clifton really a writer in need of being rediscovered? Aren't there, you know, good writers available anymore?
  • (Of course, I think the writers who one the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award before weren't exactly obscure enough to be in need of it,
  • but on the plus side, the weren't shit.)
  • And yeah, I know it's "won", but I've just watched "Delitto Carnale", so half of my brain has shut down in self-defense.

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