Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Twitter 07-05-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 07-04-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 07-03-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 07-02-... http://bit.ly/cZJKax
  • New blog post: Music Monday: Goodbye To Rammellzee In Appropriately Pixelated Obscurity Edition: Technorati-Tags... http://bit.ly/c0iNET
  • So, not a lot of people like the game you made (which is kinda shite?). Blame everyone but yourself! http://tinyurl.com/3yxgme4
  • Hmm, Stornoway are a fine British indie pop/folk band. I am, of course, a sucker for this sort of stuff.
  • Audience in shock about improv music at a jazz festival! http://tinyurl.com/38a5yej
  • I salute Pioneer One's business model and motives, but man, the writing, direction and acting is just dire.

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