Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In short: Land of Doom (1986)

You know the drill by now. Post-apocalyptic wasteland. Little food. Less sense. Love for impractical leather outfits. Insane leather-lovers called raiders who look like accountants on the weekly trip to their favourite SM club.

Those raiders are more dangerous than they look, though. They attack a peaceful village and go on a raping and killing spree. Only a woman called Harmony (Deborah Rennard) manages to escape. During her wanderings through the post-apocalyptic desert hills, she meets a non-descript guy fittingly called Anderson (Garrick Dowhen). Anderson was once a raider too, but he tried to bring the other raiders around to a more tolerable lifestyle of rebuilding and not-raping, and was therefore replaced by leather-masked madman Slater (Daniel Radell) and is now a wanted man in the insane rapist and killer community.

At first, Harmony and Anderson don't quite know what to make of each other, but after some adventures in post-apocalyptica, including meetings with cannibal Frenchmen, jawas and a guy with a mandolin and a puppy, some time fighting the raiders (with inconclusive results) and many many scenes of Harmony kicking men in the balls, they are getting kinda sweet on each other. The end.

Well, yeah, as my rather lackluster description and the non-appearance of something like a plot hints at, there really isn't much to Land of Doom. It's post-apocalyptic cheapness in neutral mode.

While there isn't anything truly annoying about the film (unless one can't cope with cheapness and pointlessness in a movie; in that case however, one has no business watching post-apocalyptic cinema at all), it doesn't have too many things to recommend it.

The movie is not as boring as many of, say, Cirio H. Santiago's contribution to the post-apocalyptic genre, but I wouldn't exactly call it exciting either. At least Land of Doom features exploding huts and exploding barrels (alas, no exploding crates) and has about three silly-awesome ideas (the jawas, the Frenchmen, and, um, the puppy guy), yet it has its difficulties making a whole movie out of them.

I have of course seen - possibly even enjoyed - films which were much, much worse than Land of Doom, and so couldn't help but feel vaguely entertained while watching it. If that doesn't sound like much of a recommendation, I can also add that I didn't mind the movie.

Could I make it sound even more exciting?


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