Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Twitter 03-08-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 03-07-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 03-06-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 03-05-... http://bit.ly/acY4mU
  • What a surprise. http://tinyurl.com/yc9r8oz
  • New blog post: Music Monday: Sounds Like Lemmy Edition: Technorati-Tags: music monday,music,high on fire http://bit.ly/bGpKAJ
  • A trailer, that's what you put on the Net to prevent people from watching your movie, right? http://tinyurl.com/yllyvyh
  • Huh, Toki Tori plays excellently with High on Fire in the background instead of the game's own candy-coloured music.
  • Whining about ad-blocking when you have a site full of eye-destroying ad blights won't make me whitelist you. Just saying.
  • RT @Quinns108: So I'm meant to be reviewing Silent Hunter 5 today. Guess the DRM servers have gone down, again. http://twitpic.com/17d188
  • It's comedy gold.
  • Hmm, my random wallpaper thingie must be in a weird mood. Again, Conan, but with frogs as drawn by Mike Mignola.

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