Thursday, January 7, 2010

From Twitter 01-06-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 01-05-2010: Why did I just watch "Princess of Mars"..h well, at least there's 600+ wor...
  • New blog post: 26 Things I Learned From The Asylum's Princess of Mars (2009): If you want to rip off James Camer...
  • And goodbye Willie Mitchell, god of producers. *sigh*
  • Dear Ursula K. LeGuin, there are some real troubles with the Google Books settlement, but Google being "the devil" is not one of them.
  • Also, why does such an important and awesome SF writer have to be such a luddite?
  • Finally coming 'round to playing Emerald City Confidential. It's quite excellent, even if you're not interested in Oz.
  • Wanna see Guardian readers act as the overblown farts they truly are? Here's your chance!
  • This...this isn't very good, is it?
  • China Mieville has a blog?
  • RT @DougSaunders: Headline of day: "Snowed-in spouses turning to adultery" (published after UK has snow for 8 hours):
  • So, the Dick estate thinks we'll confuse a cellphone with an artificial human only existing in a novel?
  • RT @FOURDK: @houseinrlyeh "In the shadows haunting the empty eye sockets of my grand uncle, I found egress to mysterious realms"

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