Friday, September 4, 2009

On WTF: Los Momias De Guanajuato (1972)

On WTF! See me ramble! See me get excited about just about everything, starting with undignified luchadores! See me talk lovingly about the director of the first Superzan film! See me use the made up term "pop & pulp cinema"!



Todd said...

Great review. And I agree with you about Curiel -- and the fact that a lot of these Mexican horror directors who were so adept at creating effective atmosphere in their black and white films seem to have kind of lost their footing when they made the transition to color. There's a lot of just "let's shine a bunch of really bright lights directly on the actors and shoot them straight on" with the ocassional moment when they seem to have briefly remembered how to use indirect light and shadow.

houseinrlyeh said...

Thanks Todd.

And what was it with this obsession with incredibly bright light? It's even more difficult to understand with the black & white films in mind again - it's not as if advanced lighting was beyond the filmmakers.