Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 03:17 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 03:23 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 03:09 New blog pos..
  • 10:02 Oof, I'm glad that "Touch of the Panda" isn't a [word you better not use in a tweet].
  • 11:25 New blog post: Kuntilanak (2006): aka The Chanting Samantha (Julie Estelle) is a troubled young wo..
  • 11:32 Praise be to the Project Gutenberg people who have started on whole issues of Astounding.
  • 12:02 RT @jessnevins oh brave new world, that has actual, for real pulp stories entitled "Gorilla ex Machina." [...]
  • 12:39 Are you like me and loved Sarah Monette's "The Bone Key" collection? Then look here:
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