Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SyFy vs, The Mynd: Chupacabra vs. the Alamo (2013)

As it goes with films carrying titles this promising, Terry "Dependable" Ingram's Chupacabra isn't one of the best SyFy Channel movies I've seen, even though it is generally entertaining. Or it is entertaining, if you have patience with these films, and don't roll your eyes too hard when the whole monster action brings another family back together, as is any SyFy movie monster attack's true job.

The film's problem might be that the silly contortions its script has to go through to reach what it absolutely correctly deems the point of awesomeness (that is, bangers teaming up with our cop heroes, then all of them ending up in the Alamo, fighting the chupacabra menace) aren't all that fun too watch. Or it might be that the CGI chupacabras look particularly unconvincing even for a SyFy movie, though they are perfectly adorable when they are jumping all around the screen like idiot rabbits. Or it might be that all the film's best moments - like Erik Estrada's daughter microwaving a chupacabra to death, Erik Estrada being a horrible dad but looking awesome with a shotgun, Erik Estrada riding his motorcycle in green screen magic that is even less convincing than the monsters - all fall into its first half, with the climax in the Alamo just lacking in charm, if not in explosions.

More positively speaking, Chupacabra vs. the Alamo's first half is excellent fun to watch, with Estrada playing up his macho side, his new (of course) partner played by Julia Benson being the better cop even though neither film nor Estrada seeming to notice, and some really neat practical gore effects. Ironically, the Alamo is the part of the film I'll remember least.

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