Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In short: Stop The Bitch Campaign!: Hell Version (2004)

Original title: Enjo kosai bokumetsu undo: jigoku-hen

Aoi (Sora Aoi) and her high school friends are working for a teenage bordello to find and punish the guy (Kenichi Endo) who once raped the girl. It's all fun and games and putting the penis of rebellious clients in a vise, until an old friend of the bordello owner arrives.

That old friend is of course Aoi's arch enemy, and the bordello owner has been in cahoots with him all along, helping him in his "crusade against teenage prostitution", which consists of sticking vegetables into parts of teenage prostitutes where they don't belong while rambling about his father and/or grandfather, and sometimes cross-dressing in various glittering ensembles. Will Aoi manage to conquer her enemy before he has sung a parody on a super sentai theme song?

What's most surprising about this ultra-cheap pinku is really how harmless it is - all the violence is taking place off-screen, and the sexual content is much tamer than you'd expect too. Sure, there's a lot of theoretically shocking stuff like teenage prostitution, curious fetishes, and vegetable rape, but the film seems pretty much satisfied with vaguely implying much of it while concentrating of farcical weirdo humour of the most peculiar kind. It's the sort of thing that's much too silly to be shocking - except for the very easily shocked - but not silly enough to get one excited. When a film has a plot like StBC:HV, I expect to be either amused, or annoyed, or disturbed by it, but for most of its running time, the film just chugs along without doing much of anything.

On the positive side, the actors seem to have fun with the whole affair, and only vegetables have been hurt during the production.


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