Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In short: Ada: Zombilerin Dügünü (2010)

A bunch of Turkish friends who all seem to hate one another with great passion, and never do anything but bicker and bitch, ferry over to an island to take part in a wedding. This being 2010 and all, the film does of course present everything through the lens of a hand-held digital camera supposedly used by one of the friends. Twenty minutes of bickering later, the wedding is attacked by zombies.

Lots of people die. There's more loud bitching and bickering, most of it out in the fresh, clear air, because that's how you act when the world ends. Will anyone make it to the government evacuation point on time, or will the audience's hopes to see every single one of these non-characters suffer and die be fulfilled?

Those of my peers who hated Romero's Diary of the Dead will probably not survive contact with this thing - or they might just learn to appreciate Romero's film a little more through the time-honoured powers of pure cinematic suffering.

The Internet tells me Ada is supposed to be a horror comedy, but I find that a bit hard to swallow, seeing how the film's neither funny nor horrific, but rather a film so generic that the idea it could actually evoke laughter or any other emotional expression in a viewer sounds completely preposterous to me. The only emotional exception is hatred for the characters: seldom - even in a genre so full of characters who need to shut up and get eviscerated as horror - have I seen a bunch of more annoying, hateful non-entities. Guess how much I cared about what happened to them?

I have to admit, though, that the characters are actually the least generic parts of the film. The plot is, oh, let's be honest here instead of polite: there is no plot other than random elements from other zombie films put in a row and executed without any personality or focus. Ada uses the POV horror format for nothing more than plot-related teleportation, and to excuse the shitty photography.

There is nothing of interest here, as long as there are hundreds of other zombie films, some good, some at least mediocre, many better than this one, vying for your attention.


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The Dude said...

i guess one has to be a turk to get the jokes in this film. for instance, a foreigner won't get the line "biz üsküdar çocuğuyuz"

houseinrlyeh aka Denis said...

I honestly don't think that would help in my case, given how much I disliked everything about the movie.

I suspect I'd just find the jokes not funny even if they were better translated and explained.