Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Twitter 08-02-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 08-01-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 07-31-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 07-30-... http://bit.ly/bcBn9h
  • RT @matociquala: New #shadowunit--a long novella by @stillsostrange and me http://www.shadowunit.org/spell81A.html
  • New blog post: Music Monday: Actually, I Didn't Want The Acoustic Version Of The Song But Audience Recordings Suck... http://bit.ly/b03TAA
  • Well, the second Sherlock episode was much less impressive. If you're going the plot-centric route (and why the hell would you in this case
  • ?) you might try to have a plot worth it.
  • Man, I'd love to play that one http://tinyurl.com/377q4wr

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