Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Twitter 02-12-2010

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  • Iceland tries to monetize telling the truth. Good luck.
  • Regional locks on digital game delivery are bad enough, but having a game's store page show it as buyable in your region and then the
  • payment page showing it as not buyable is below the pale. 2nd time Direct2Drive pulls this on me in 2 weeks. Makes the last time I use them.
  • TweetDeck v0.33.0 is buggy as all get out. If you still haven't updated, don't.
  • So your character's abilities in Fable 3 will be based on follower number instead of experience points? Hit me, sounds to me as if the game
  • still had an experience based progression system, just under a different name. Well, it's a console game anyway, so why do I care?
  • Dave Sim probably really makes Valentine's Day cards like these.

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