Friday, December 11, 2009

From Twitter 12-10-2009

  • New blog post: From Twitter 12-09-2009: New blog post: From Twitter 12-08-2009: New blog post: From Twitter 12-07-2...
  • New blog post: Headspace (2005): When he was a child, Alex Borden (as a grown-up played by Christopher Denham) and ...
  • New blog post: In short: The Last Match (1990): Susan (Melissa Palmisano), the daughter of star quarterback Cliff G...
  • By the man who brought us "Winter Survival Tips. A PAMPHLET."
  • Shiny! (Some of?) Lovecraft's amateur press writings on Project Gutenberg.
  • So, how does one test one's PC game before publication and doesn't realize that it does not work on ATI graphics cards at all? Hm, EA?
  • RT @botherer: Oh, look, his hat has grown a lamp post: [...]

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