Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Twitter 12-09-2009

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  • Horror fans: people who are happy that the new Wolfman film is getting an "R" rating in the US and would have cried foul at a "PG-13". Who
  • cares about a film's quality, as long as it has gore.
  • In better news, Saturnine's "American Kestrel" (1999) is an excellent album if you like slightly skewed guitar pop.
  • Great Cthulhu, Seamus Cooper's reviews of Lovecraft stories on for their Lovecraft month are dire.
  • They couldn't have found someone who knows what he's writing about?
  • Eaten? RT @FOURDK: RT @ToplessRobot: Have I mentioned that people who upload videos to YouTube but make them unembeddable should be beaten?

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