Thursday, July 28, 2016

In short: Deadly Camp (1999)

Original title: 山狗1999

A group of young ones whose names are of no importance are dropped off on an island for a weekend of camping and partying. It’s going to be so wild, they decide to put all of their cell phones into a plastic bag and let one of them hide them in the jungle.

To nobody’s surprise, that’s a rather horrible idea, for the local chainsaw-wielding leprous serial killer and his mentally disabled son like to kill everyone who comes to the island. Because Anthony Wong needed a pay check - with the added bonus of fondling a much younger actress’ breasts – there are also a triad boss, his two odious comic relief underlings and his girlfriend hanging around to be killed.

Connoisseurs of depravity be warned: this cute little mess was only rated IIB when it came out, so don’t let Anthony Wong’s (short) presence fool you into believing this to be a CATIII schlock fest, nor should his presence confuse non-connoisseurs of depravity fond of Wong’s other acting side into getting their hopes up, either.

For the less refined viewer, Bowie Lau Bo-Yin’s backwoods (backisland?) slasher will probably include more than enough of the tasteless and the unpleasant, though there’s really not much blood and gore. However, it still features awesome moments of “what the hell are they thinking!?” filmmaking, like the scene where Wong tries to save his life by teaching a young mentally disabled man how to rape his tied-up girlfriend; and by teaching, I mean he’s laying hands on penis. I’m happy to report that the only thing this part of the film actually leads to is Wong’s well deserved demise.

Other highlights/low points include a most hilarious use of slow motion in a particularly big third act plot twist reveal, random bouts of melodrama (seriously), characters who hide from their serial killing attackers by having loud shouting matches, deeply unfunny comic relief, and often hilariously awkward direction.
So it’s perfect entertainment for the times when you feel sleazy and a bit unpleasant.

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