Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In short: World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015)

So, what’s an inevitably doomed documentary film crew – yup, we’re in POV horror territory again – to do to get themselves killed this time? Farting around on the battlefields of the Somme, traipsing after the trail of a potentially imaginary, cursed South African regiment, until some ill-advised corpse robbing causes the local zombie population to rise and do what local zombie populations are wont to do is what. Though it might be the zombies are just as annoyed by these bickering clowns as I was. Hooray for zombies! If only they’d eat faster.

So yes, I’m not too fond of directing duo Freddie Hutton-Mills’s and Bart Ruspoli’s adorably titled World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen. It’s another one of these films I find difficult to actually call bad because I find it too technically competent for that description (things are in focus when they’re meant to be, the sound’s audible, and so on), and features a perfectly professional cast that probably could have done something with a mildly more audacious (as in, containing at least two ideas I’ve only seen in ten other movies before) script. Alas, it is also much too boring, lacking in originality as well as any actual spark of life that could help me over the fact I’ve seen this all before. Changing the war in which the zombies died isn’t a creative achievement, and otherwise, there’s just so little here even worth talking about.

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