Friday, July 24, 2015

On ExB: It Follows (2014)

You know what’s best in life? Certainly not that lamentation of their women stuff. And nope, it’s not when filmmakers (or rather PR people) want me to post about their kickstarters and press releases even though I’m pretty clearly never posting press releases and news, nor recommend kickstarters to anyone but certain long-suffering friends (hi, Inga!), and nope, not even when people want me to write free advertising for their commercial websites (which I wouldn’t even do here if they paid me). It’s when a much-hyped film turns out to be even better than the hype promised.

Case in point is It Follows. It’s not just absolutely innocent of the annoyances I listed, but just happens to be the sort of film I can’t help but see as an instant classic. So prepare to hear me gush over the brilliant, brilliant It Follows in my column at the also press-release free Exploder Button.

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