Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In short: Misfire (2014)

Sure, nomen est omen and all that, but apart from ambitions on being honest, I can’t imagine how a film like this really comes into existence. It seems, at least to my eyes, very clear nobody involved here actually wants to have anything to do with it: the actors are sleepwalking, even poor old Gary Daniels doing the “former DEA agent finding things getting personal” bit seems as bored as the film deserves. R. Ellis Frazier’s direction seems about as absent as possible in something that’s supposed to be a finished movie.

I’d talk about the plot, but that would suggest there is any beyond the most perfunctory gestures, or at least that there actually was anything happening, when the only things the film provides are random bits of genre clichés without showing any wish to connect them in any way. In this case, it would even have been an improvement if the whole thing were just a series of mildly craftily connected clichés because that would suggest anyone involved actual cared. Instead, Misfire breathes a heavy air of disinterest and lack of spirit, with the idea of excitement so far beyond it, I found myself drifting away thinking about more interesting things, like tax brackets, while watching it.

Given that this is a direct-to-DVD action movie, one might at least hope for some decent action scenes, but again, nobody involved seems willing or able to provide even the veneer of enthusiasm, and what action theoretically happens stays indeed very theoretical.

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