Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Three Films Make A Post: How does it feel to be next?

3 A.M. 3D (2012): It's been a while since I enjoyed one of these Thai horror anthology movies where every tale is directed by a different director. In 3 A.M.'s case, I actually enjoyed only two thirds of the film, because the last story is a typical horror comedy bit, which is to say, it's neither funny nor horrifying. Star of the show is Kirati Nakintanon's middle story "The Corpse Bride", a charmingly macabre tale about necrophilia, misunderstandings and the vagaries of love that is creepy, beautifully shot and very, very strange, and so good I had already forgotten the absolutely serviceable cursed hair story the film begins with five minutes in.

Spiders 3D (2013): Too much mediocre conspiracy thriller, too little giant spider carnage. Sorry, Tibor.

The Last Stand (2013): It's a long and sad tradition for great directors from all parts of Asia to try their luck in Hollywood and don't really produce anything up to the standards they're capable of. The great Kim Ji-woon is, alas, no exception to the rule, and here delivers a Schwarzenegger vehicle best described with terms like "workmanlike" and "serviceable", the sort of thing any competent filmmaker could have delivered in exactly the same way. It doesn't help that Andrew Knauer's script goes through all the expected action movie clichés without a single interesting idea or a hint of charm.

The resulting movie is an okay Hollywood mainstream action concoction I will remember nothing about next week that wastes a hugely talented director.

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