Thursday, April 4, 2013

In short: The Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis (2011)

Suzune - possibly the winner of "Most Fetish-y Dressed Veterinarian" - works in the clinic of her gay foster father in a Japanese city. Suzuke isn't all that into the curing animals parts of her job, but instead likes to go out hunting parasites with the help of her parasite eating (mostly) CGI frog, whom she carries around in a leg holster, as you do. Her interest in parasites is based on her Mysterious and Tragic Past™, the disappearance of her parasitologist father, and everyone's wish to finally watch a movie about rogue veterinarian.

Right now, Suzune is on the trail of white, worm-like parasites that turn their victims sexually ravenous, superhumanly strong and quite mad. Fortunately, our heroine is really, really good at pulling parasites out of people's asses. Her investigation leads Suzune to an evil criminal corporation, some of the answers to the secrets of her own past, and knowledge of her own parasitological history.

In the world of cheap Japanese movies about sexual shenanigans, tentacles, and women dressing kinkily, the first Parasite Doctor Suzune movie (of course based on a manga) is something of a prince in that it doesn't exclusively coast on its audience's wish to see lots of writhing nude women. Ryu Kaneda's film has an actual, decently told plot, surprisingly okay special effects, competently choreographed action and - beside the usual porn actresses - some actors you may know from various Sion Sono Movies. It's the sort of (s)exploitation film that puts some effort in the parts of it that aren't all about breasts, and manages to be entertaining even when nobody is (half) nude on screen.

As a Japanese exploitation film, Parasite Doctor Suzune is on the less unpleasant kind. Sure, there's a lot of not exactly consensual sexual crap in there, but the film tends to play these scenes with a certain degree of grace; Kaneda's direction sure uses the required pervy angles from time to time, but there's still a degree of style here. It's also pretty uncommon to find a film of this style where the only actual rape between humans is committed by a woman on a man, or one where the gay character is actually treated like a normal human being. It's a bit strange to call a film containing any non-consensual sex and penetration by tentacle good-natured, but honestly, that's the impression the film left me with.

Generally, the sexual content of Parasite Doctor Suzune is rather tame, without the full-length softcore scenes of a pinku, but that's not a problem because the melodramatic SF horror nonsense is entertaining enough to not need the sex to keep a viewer awake. And honestly, what more can one ask of a tits and tentacles film?

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