Friday, September 30, 2011

On WTF: The Dead Don't Die (1975) & A Small Announcement

Curtis Harrington had a hell of a strange career. Starting out as a peculiar and artful B-movie auteur, he somehow found his way to the feeding troughs of television where he first made just as peculiar and artful TV movies, and then went to waste directing routine TV shows in a routine fashion.

The Dead Don't Die is one of these artful and peculiar TV movies, though, and comes highly recommended to anyone with a place in her heart for Val Lewton's RKO productions, film noir and Douglas Sirk. Today being Friday, there's more about the film in my write-up on WTF-Film.

And because Monday's my birthday, and ancient evils party for strange aeons, this is the last you'll read from me until Wednesday.

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