Thursday, April 8, 2010

From Twitter 04-07-2010

  • New blog post: From Twitter 04-06-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 04-05-2010: New blog post: From Twitter 04-04-...
  • New blog post: Nightmares In Precinct 7 (2001): Be warned, I'm going to spoil the ending. I find it impossible not...
  • William Browning Spencer's "Résumé with Monsters", where have you been all my life?
  • Dinosaur Comics is Shakespeare.
  • Honestly can't get excited about "Sleep is Death". It's just like playing an RPG on the 'net, but with more constrictions?
  • And yeah, I call P&P RPGs real RPGs. Sue me, poptimists.
  • 14 Blades: Daniel Lee hasn't learned anything about storytelling since "What Price Survival", it seems. A shame.

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