Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 12:05 Send lawyers, guns and money
  • 12:24 Britain grants boring (and it is boring) Japanese torture porn flick classic status through censorship
  • 12:25 Oh no, I used the p-word. Here come the bots.
  • 12:38 Fighting Yank vs The Nazi Werewolves? I'm in!
  • 16:53 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 02:09 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:05 New blog pos..
  • 16:53 New blog post: In short: Neko Ramen Taisho (2008): aka Pussy Soup The cat (puppet) Jeff III has ha..
  • 16:54 New blog post: Well, 119 years are a reason to smile:   Technorati-Tags: lovecraft bit.l y/2KtvJB
  • 20:09 RT @malpertuis RT @LuxMentis Free H.P. Lovecraft phone wallpaper and ringtones (thanks to HP Lovecraft Society)
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