Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Twitter Terror

  • 04:17 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:16 New blog post: Daily Twitter Terror: 04:16 New blog pos..
  • 12:14 New blog post: Conquest (1983): "Any reference to persons or events is purely coincidental!&q..
  • 14:16 One easy way for "objectivist" "philosophy" to become less annoying for non-crazy people would be a re-naming into "egomaniacalism"
  • 18:26 Why the hell don't I have Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD?
  • 18:44 Most awesome cthulhuid RPG cover of all time?
  • 18:47 RT @feliciaday RT: @Tabz Cory Doctorow advises on what you should say about #IranElection
  • 19:35 Now that I have the real book version of Nightmare USA, I can just beat any attacker into submission with it.
  • 20:02 Atari removes idiotic limited activations from downloadable "adventure pack" for NWN2, makes a sale to me.
  • 20:16 Superb sounding Audition (=one of my favorite films) special edition in the works.
  • 20:26 Correction: Atari would make a sale to me if their German download shop would accept PayPal and not only credit cards.
  • 20:26 Atari really is the worst games publisher ever.
  • 20:27 So I'm going to put my money where people actually deserve it.
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